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Start at the beginning and continue on to build a strong, well-developed voice.
If you learn to love your practice time...you will see results!

Beginning Vocal Lessons
Develop your voice and your musical ability. Learn about your voice and your range and how to sing properly. A strong voice requires breath control and you'll learn how to breathe so your voice is well supported. Learn to choose songs that best showcase your voice. Develop your confidence and your potential. Practicing regularly allows a wobbly-pitchy voice to become a consistent tone since preparation is a powerful ally for singing. You'll be supported to reach your goals while learning the basics of singing. 

Intermediate Voice Training
Build upon basic vocal technique tools to be an informed singer and sharpen up your vocal skills. Learn to control your voice so that you can predict how you will sound and not have your sound be randomly dependent upon how you feel that day. We'll cover vocal technique, singing the scales, vocal-workouts, importance of consistent practice, microphone technique, the important aspects for singers to understand for auditioning, building repertoire, your unique sound and how to develop your personal style. We'll also focus in on your particular goals. 

Professional Voice Development
Understand musicianship and create a book of your chosen repertoire. Learn how to choose keys that suit your voice in your range and how to transpose charts to your key. Learn to sing with a band and communicate with the musicians that will back you up in performances. Become a professional singer with performance experience and development of your creative expression. Gain valuable discipline for developing a trained voice and being the leader of the band.

"I don't like to go on the road because it
messes up my practice time."
-- Sonny Rollins, International Jazz Saxophonist
"Trish is a good teacher and the best that I have ever had! In fact, I gave her
a little trophy for best music teacher ever!  I learned a lot from her and 
I developed great vocal skills and tools.
I learned fundamentals of singing and 
about my instrument, how the voice works and vocal technique. 
She instilled in me the importance of regular practice time and
I practice whenever I have a chance." 
                        --B. Pronopomp

"I took lessons with Trish until I moved to Memphis. She’s very professional and friendly as well. I was happy with the progress I made and knowledge that she gave me. It’s helped me locate the next right classes to attend as I moved to Memphis!" --Brandon Voice Student